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Make an appointment, or come as a walk-in (based on availability) to work one-on-one with a Writing Center consultant collaboratively on your academic, professional, or even personal paper or writing-based project.

Custom Workshops

Clarkson’s Writing Center hosts workshops designed to aid students on developing written communication skills or tackle specific forms of written deliverables. Faculty may also request custom presentations in the classroom.


Join us in developing your passion for writing outside the classroom. We offer a number of opportunities to foster your passion for writing and work with campus and community resources to create real-world opportunities to hone your skills.

Writing Resources

The CUwrite portal of Clarkson’s Writing Center offers an array of easily-accessible resources to help students and members of the campus develop their writing skills and to aid in improving written academic papers and other projects.

About CUwrite

Our Writing Center is Here to Help You Improve Your Written Communication is your portal to writing resources at Clarkson

Are you stuck somewhere in the writing process and feel like you could use some help? Clarkson's Writing Center provides one-on-one consultation in a collaborative environment to help you develop and improve your written papers or projects. From academic papers of all sorts like lab reports, essays, research papers, honors theses, presentations, and conference posters -- to post-grad and professional projects like grad school essays, resumes, cover letters, professional websites and even LinkedIn content, we're here to assist. Schedule an appointment (ideally!), or walk-in if we have an opening, and bring your paper, assignment, and desire to improve, and let's get writing!

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    Develop Writing Skills for the Workforce

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    Tackle Assignments, Papers & More!

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    Use Writing to Express, Craft & Even Heal!

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    Learn How to Strengthen Your Communication Ability

Meet our Writing Consultants

We each bring our unique style and writing strengths to your paper and a desire to help you succeed
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Courtney Johnson-Woods

Director & Instructor
Courtney has a dual role at Clarkson directing the Writing Center and teaching in the Department of Communication & Media. She has a consulting company, conducts research, publishes, and is known among her staff and students as “passionate,” quirky, and very supportive.
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Sean Gauntt ’17

Writing Consultant
I am a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Mathematics and War Studies. My hometown is Arkville, NY, a very small town in the Castkills. My writing is very direct, to the point, and usually very simple and easy to understand.
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Kirstin Roberts ’17

Writing Consultant
I am a Communications major minoring in Psychology from Gouverneur, NY. I love writing because everyone has their own unique, personal style! To me, grammar & flow are most important. I love helping people find the ideal way to get their thoughts down on paper so that it’s enjoyable to the reader!
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Kirstin Campbell ’17

Writing Consultant
I’m a senior mechanical engineering major at Clarkson, graduating with my bachelor’s degree in December 2016. I’m from small town, Erin, NY. Although I’m getting my degree in a technical field, I have always loved writing, and use it as a way to be creative and get a break from my tech classes.
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Katrtina Lane ’17

Writing Consultant
I’m a senior (’17) chemical engineering major with a minor in political science from Seattle, WA. When I’m not playing sports or doing something outdoorsy, I like to spend my time watching Portlandia over a hot bowl of mac and cheese.
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Juliet Clarkson ‘ 19

Writing Consultant
I am a dual degree majoring in biology and environmental engineering, class of 2019. My hometown is Simsbury, Connecticut. I am an avid reader when I find time, and I write for Clarkson’s newspaper, The Integrator, so ask me more about that if you are also interested in journalism on campus.
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Kevin MacKrell

Writing Consultant
I am a Biomolecular Science major with a pre-medical concentration, from Cassadaga, NY, I am a structured writer who likes to have a foundation for the overall essay and each paragraph but will be creative within that framework. When tutoring, I work with students to create their own ideas.
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