July 22, 2016


Igniting Through Writing

Coming Soon to Clarkson’s Planned Space for Innovation!

Clarkson University is developing a new space ideal for the innovation process — from conception and ideation — to prototyping, development and commercialization. This intensive, expansive and collaborative hub of space gives students, faculty and staff ideal space and resources to ignite this process and bring ideas to life.

Innovation requires not only creativity, but also the means to communicate ideas, goals and plans. Writing is certainly a critical piece in communicating to numerous audiences.

With that in mind, Clarkson’s Writing Center will be expanding its own role on the campus, establishing a satellite in the new innovation space dedicated to igniting through writing!

So, in addition to aiding students in their writing assignments, we are making plans to be a proactive resource for students who are seeking to further develop their writing as a twenty-first century skill for hire and advancement. In addition, we recognize that students often want to write for the pure love of it, or as a means to personal development as well.

To that end, we are working to develop a new Out-of-the Classroom Curriculum (Writing OCC) for students to further their skills and to become more engaged in using writing as a medium for personal development, outreach, advocacy, creativity, and even healing.

Check back for a list of events and offerings coming to you soon!